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AGRITECHNICA 2013 - Menke Agrar breaks visitor record and gets wide acclaim from customers.


This year all records have been broken again at the world’s leading fair AGRITECHNICA2013 in Hannover. From 10th – 16th of November, 2.900 exhibitors from all over the world have presented their agricultural products and services. The exhibitor space had been increased again – to about 42 hectares of surface. The attendance of 450.000 has set a new record.


Menke Agrar presented its new ORGAtop assortment as well as the brand new ORGAtop app, enabling a mobile spare part identification and order placement in the onlineshop. This makes the spare part company much more effective and even more successful. The offer has gotten wide acclaim from the numerous professional visitors at the fair stand. The 35-headed Menke Agrar fair team had its hands full during the seven event days. There was a lot of advising, selling, meeting new partners, deepening existing relations and registering the demands of our professional partners, in order to develop beneficial offers and services in the future.


The amount of interest and the positive reception has made us very happy and we thank all the customers and suppliers that visited us in Hannover. The Menke Agrar team is looking forward to the next Agritechnica in two years, from 10th– 14th of November.




Menke Agrar is expanding its product range of engine spare parts


KS Kolbenschmidt  spare parts available in ISA-shop as from now


The brand KS Kolbenschmidt has a worldwide reputation for engine components of highest precision. The extensive KS-quality assortment of the engine components specialist KSPG (Kolbenschmidt Pierburg) is now also available for the engine maintenance of Menke Agrar-clients. From assemblies over pistons and  piston ring sets to sliding bearings, single sealings and sealing sets you can now order KS-spare parts in the ISA shop. „With the brand KS Kolbenschmidt weare extending our assortment of engine parts further and stress our professional competence as a spare parts supplier in this product range.“, says product manager Friedrich Bussmann.

The KSPG AG is producing under its brand KS Kolbenschmidt pistons for otto and diesel engines in the field of passenger-and commercial vehicles and belongs in this area to the leading manufacturers worldwide. Furthermore, both pistons for two-stroke und supercharged engines and large-bore pistons for steady-state engines, marine diesel engines and railroad engines are developed and produced. The product development is carried out in close cooperation with renowned automotive manufacturers. Low pollutant emission, beneficial use of fuel, performance improvement, reliability, quality and security are the most significant driving factors for the innovations of KSPG. 


A wind of change in the ISA-shop


More efficient product search and a new and clearly arranged design provide additional benefit for the specialist dealer.


How can the search for articles be made more efficient for our clients? This question was raised in the ISA-development team of Menke Agrar in the past few weeks. In  the new ISA-shop you can see the result.


For the product search there is from now on only one central input box with quite some technical know-how as it facilitates an intelligent search: No matter whether you put in article denominations, ORGAtop-/article numbers or product terms, you get shown a suitable range of articles shortly. Even when you only know parts of a number (the first or last digits or enclosed digits of an article number) or search with parts of product terms, our system shows product propositions.


With a quick overview menu (drop-down) the 20 best hits will be shown - the search term or the digits you used will be highlighted in the results. Also the inclusion of product depictions and producer logo will relieve a quick identification of the requested article. It is also new that the client can see those products s/he was searching for last. Our conclusion: the search for spare and accessory parts in the ISA-shop is clearly simpler, quicker and with great accuracy, simply more userfriendly.


The new layout of the ISA facilitates the user to orientate better on the website. The central search function is located above the product display.The shopping basket and the weekly changing top products were placed in the upper third of the page. All interesting facts about the topics "News in the product range", "special offers", "new arranged brochures", "newsworthy training course dates etc. you find as usualon our starting page.   



Strong dedication to the specialty store trade for agricultural machinery.

The activities of the Otto Th. Menke GmbH in the business division of agricultural machinery spare parts and accessories will be practised by the Menke Agrar GmbH from September 01st 2011 onwards.


Menke Agrar hereby concentrates the focus on the market of spare parts supply in the after-sales business of agricultural machinery specialty stores and workshops / repair centers. Thus, resources can be used and directed more purposeful and the growth path of the past years can be continued more efficiently.


For the specialty store partners the business will go on in proven and accustomed manner. The contact persons in the back office as well as in the field sales force remain unchanged. Also the ISA will be further on at your service in accustomed manner. The brand ORGAtop will continue to represent high quality spare and wearing parts.


Dr. Andreas Menke, sole shareholder and CEO of the Menke Agrar GmbH: “The concentration and focus of the company will enable us to become even more competitive in the spare part business. In addition also for our partners this will bring positive impulses and it will strengthen our long-term collaboration.”

Menke Agrar GmbH



Driveshaft line SFT by Bondioli & Pavesi supplements the ORGAtop range with the series SH and S9

Professional series for heavy towed vehicles


With immediate effect you can buy from Otto Th. Menke GmbH the new wide angle driveshafts SH and S9 by Bondioli & Pavesi (B&P), which were developped especially for use on heavy towed machines, such as liquid manure vehicles, big balers, potato harvesters, silage trailers and loading wagons. With these driveshafts the specialist for drive systems from Northern Italy presents a product portfolio that fulfils optimally the requirements of professionals such as contractors and intensive farmers.


The series SH, which is qualified for agricultural machines with transmission up to 500 hp, offers the following innovative technical features:


-       patented wide angle joint with 2 horn centres

-       automatic fastener for easy coupling and uncoupling of heavy driveshafts

-       4-wedges profile tube for highest torsional rigidity and lowest sliding resistance

-       spring-link holding chain

-       all grease fittings on one line (grease line)


The series S9, which is qualified for transmission up to 350 hp, has a patented 50°- and 80° wide angle joint, a 4-wedges profile tube and a spring-link holding chain, which offers the advantages that it cannot break on its own and that the eye on the shield does not strip. The series S9 has a grease line too, where all grease fittings are completely reachable from the outside.


The quality products from the OEM Bondioli & Pavesi have now been listed with our ORGAtop product line for more than 25 years. Meanwhile the range has constantly been developped. Besides the complete driveshaft line all standard and special gear units and the extensive hydraulics programme are available too.


You will find further information concerning the whole Bondioli & Pavesi delivery range in the ISA. In addition you will be professionally advised by our product manager Andreas Damm (+49 2921 9654 47, andreas.damm@otto-th-menke.com).




Menke keeps enlarging the range of attachment systems

You will find all products in the new brochure “Anhängetechnik”.
Over the past years the agricultural attachment systems have become more varied. In addition to a multitude of new tractor types, new trailer types have established. In order to help you in finding the right connection system for each tractor-/trailer-combination, Menke has considerably enlarged the range of products. It now includes K80 clutch stands from Cramer, Rockinger, Scharmüller and Sauermann as well as component parts as e. g. ball inserts, drawbars and forced steering components. Also new in our range: Ball traverses for soil-working machines such as cultivators and seeders. The choice is completed by the original experimental mould from Cramer with which you may test the degree of wear of bolt- and ball-shaped couplings, guide rails of towing rackets, LoF-towing eyes and calottes.
All articles may be ordered now – also online. The brochure “Anhängetechnik” is available in the download field of our ISA (Internet Service Area).





Always on the right trail

Get informed about the new guidance systems from Teejet with 3D-graphics and live picture.

Matrix is the name of the new generation of guidance systems from Teejet. It provides to the customers a simultaneously displayed 3D live video and guidance information via video camera and is therewith a real product innovation. In order to assure a precise operation in any terrain, the real-picture illustration during forward direction is equipped with additional graphic data on the track guiding. Even in the dark or at poor visibility the system keeps operational – then an optionally available infrared camera ensures the necessary orientation. Both systems are operated easily and comfortably with a colour touch-screen with a diagonal of 14,5 cm for Matrix 570G and 21,3 cm for Matrix 840G. Both systems fit to tractors of all established brands. According to the requirements of the client it is possible to mount additional cameras on tractor or attachments. This provides an unprecedented control of actions and functions. The device has a USB-port to export data and can set a point of return in order to find again the start point after having interrupted work.
Our product manager Mr. Damm will be glad to give you more detailed information on this new technique of precise guidance on tel.: +49/2921 9654 47 or e-mail: andreas.damm@otto-th-menke.com




Easy Cut II new in the ORGAtop range

Profit from the latest cutting technology of Gebr. Schumacher in the harvesting season 2010.
The specialist for cutting systems from Eichelhardt offers his Easy Cut II cutting system as replacement as well as for mounting a completely new cutting system for all common combine harvesters. Compared to the previous model Easy Cut the current standard model is equipped with two innovations further optimizing the “Schumacher cut”. On the one hand the new guard S4 gets more grain through the cutting system. For that the cutting edges were reworked and the knife guide was improved. The upper part of the guard has been widened for an efficient flow of the harvest good in direction of the intake anger. On the other hand the range of knife sections was enlarged by a fine knife (14 tpi). By this Gebr. Schumacher take into account the current harvesting conditions. Due to the trend that humid conditions at harvest time increase, the fine-toothed knife section (Pro Cut) has many advantages. Furthermore, the comfort and premium version are equipped with a hold down roller respectively a double (hold down and regular roller guide) roller for an improved handling which is especially important with regard to increased cutting widths (from 6 m on).
For your customers the Easy Cut II cutting system as replacement or as completely new cutting system means an improved cut and consequently an increased harvesting performance – an important argument for your sales negotiations. Furthermore, the Schumacher spare parts are characterized by many advantages with regard to handling, installation and repair as well as longevity and performance.
With immediate effect only the Easy Cut II products of Gebr. Schumacher are available. However, all components of this new cutting system are backwards compatible with the previous series. You can order the complete new cutting system as well as the single components in our ISA shop (under combine harvester parts/mow systems – conversion kit for combine harvester/Schumacher.





New in our ORGAtop workshop assortment – HeliCoil plus


Thread technology for heavy-duty junctions.


With the HeliCoil plus products from company Böllhoff we have taken yet another well-known manufacturer into our ORGAtop workshop assortment.
The thread inserts are characterized by high power rating and durability against corrosion and thermal impact and by easy installation. HeliCoil plus thread inserts are available in different measures, with threads measured metrically or in inches, and as free running and screw-lock thread inserts. Böllhoff has been producing high-precision thread inserts since 50 years and sells them all over the world.
The sets which you will find in our ISA-shop under “Workshop and Repair” are an overview over the large product line of HeliCoil plus. We will be pleased to provide more thread-repair kits for you. Therefore please address yourself to the Menke customer service: Phone +49/2921 9654-62 or export@otto-th-menke.de. 






WABCO new in the ORGAtop assortment

Menke keeps expanding the tractor and trailer range
With immediate effect you can purchase from Otto Th. Menke GmbH compressors, valves and spare parts such as sealing and repair kits and screwings from WABCO Vehicle Control Systems. Herewith Menke continues the enlargement of partnerships with original equipment manufacturers of agricultural parts. WABCO is one of the most important names in the agricultural supply industry and provides as an original equipment manufacturer the tractors of many well-known producers with its high-quality products. Among these components which you can find in our ISA-shop under Vehicle components/compressed air spare parts, you can also order complete compressed air brake systems for the change-over of tractors and trailers. Therefore please address yourself to the Menke-customer-service, phone: +49/2921 9654-62 or export@otto-th-menke.de.


             brake valve                                drain valve                          compressor






Menke socialises with junior scientists

On 8th April 2009 our company presents itself on the "career day" of the technical college South-Westphalia.


After the big success of last year´s "career day" on campus of the technical college

South-Westphalia in Soest Otto Th. Menke GmbH will, this year, too, introduce itself to

the interested junior schientists. Students of the agricultural economics are shown the possibilities of a job entry in the range of wholesale of agricultural techniques.For the

purpose of an early acquaintance we also offer work experiences before or during the

studies as well as theme for diploma and bachelor´s theses.

We are looking forward to your visit.Your will find us in building 05, stand no. 12.

For further information about the "career day" please look at www.karrieretag-soest.de.





ISA-Shop renewed 

With immediate effect a comprehensively revised version of our ISA-shop is online.

In addition to a more modern design and a better overview you will find many improvements with regard to contents.


After having logged-in you will directly see the special offer of the month. In our download-area you may download prices as well as current offers and other info-material. For large orders it is possible to upload order data. Please click through our new online presence in order to get an idea of it.



Partnership between ZF Services and Menke

With immediate effect agricultural parts from ZF Services can be purchased from Otto Th. Menke GmbH.
With this Menke continues the expansion of it´s partnerships with original equipment manufacturers. Being one of the most important names in the branch of agricultural

component suppliers ZF is working as an original equipment manufacturer with the large

and also with smaller producers. The product portfolio is spacious. The trademark Sachs

represents shock absorbers and couplings. Under the brand name Lemförder underbody

and steering parts for tractors and combine harvesters are offered. With ZF Parts a wide range of gear and shaft parts completes the program.
 The whole assortment of agricultural parts of ZF Services can be ordered comfortably in

the Menke-ISA-Shop. Therefore you only need the original ZF part-no. or the OEM-no.