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"Living and learning in a family atmosphere of a private school with an international character"


The Landschulheim Schloss Heessen is a state recognized Grammar school and as a private day school incorporating a boarding school has enriched the landscape of schools in and around Hamm since 1957.


On average 370 pupils from over 10 different countries attend our school, of those about 120 pupils live at the LSH as boarding pupils.


Pupils attending the LSH can complete the German Abitur. The languages we offer are English, Latin and French , and additionally Spanish from Year 10 onwards.


We offer a variety of free time activities which include: football, canoeing, basketball, archery, capoeira, cycling, keep-fit sessions in the fitness room and the gym, fitness-kickboxing, golf, jogging, swimming and aquafun at a swimming baths and general sports in a gym.


Foundation Stones of a Career:

Promoting the individual:


Living Within A Family:

The boarding fees for full boarding amount to approx.€ 36.000 p.a.

If you have any further questions you would like answering about registering your child at our school, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Fecke, school secretary, at  our school office:

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